How to Start a Small Marketing Campaign


To start any business, no matter how small, you have to tell people about yourself and what you do. The easiest way to do this is by what is called article marketing. The idea behind this form of marketing, is to get your potential customers’ interest, by writing short pieces of content that gives them information on you main sphere of interest.

Say you make pieces of jewellery or concrete garden ornaments. Write about some facet of these pursuits, in an interesting story telling fashion. No need for high sounding prose. Allow people to get to know you, by giving them interesting information about your daily activities.

9 Tips:
• Tell it how it is. Do not write fluff. People can spot this from a mile away and reject it. Too many articles on the internet these days are just rewritten articles, full of filler information to make up the number of words required.

• Have a firm idea of where you want your fledgling business to go and build your marketing plan around this. If you want a small home business such as making soap and reselling it through the internet, keep this in mind with the type of promotion you do. Focus solely on this idea.

• Try and not big note yourself, it does not go down well with your potential customers. Be truthful, give information based on real life activities, mistakes and all. It adds realism to your sales message and gains you trust.

• Social media, such as Facebook enables you to target your message to those potentially most interested in your product or service in a way never possible in the past. You are not Coca Cola advertising to a wide audience, you are Joan Smith wanting to sell you jewellery to a particular group of people, women aged 18 to 40, interested in fashion etc.

• Do not become too unprofessional. You have to sound like you understand what you are talking about. There is no necessity to pretend you are a guru, but you must sound business like. After all you are going to ask people to send you money at some stage and must earn people trust.

• If you are marketing on the internet, you have to learn about such things as keywords, to include in your articles and help attract your particular audience, to your content. Watch out that you do not use these keywords to excess and make your articles sound forced or artificial by indulging in what is called, keyword stuffing.

• Social media is a must these days. Facebook pages and ads are essential to put you message in front of customers. To succeed, you must learn the rules. Don’t forget to do such things as putting buttons and links under each of your posts.

• Keep your social media content fresh and interesting by making posts every day or so. People will only return to your pages if they always find new content.

• If you decide to set up a web site, be aware of the amount of work this entails. Getting outsider help or outsourcing as it is called, is often the best solution, but it can be expensive for the beginner. It could be something that could be done later when your business is established and concentrate on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or You Tube in the beginning.



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Do you want to start?

In the early stages you have to concentrate on the most important aspects of your new business. You are short of money and time, and these must be allocated to the best advantage.
• Get out your iPhone and make a simple video demonstrating your product or service and put it up on You Tube. It’s free and would reach a wide audience. Be selective later, after you have got your first few customers.

• Take a few pictures of your product and put it up on Pinterest, accompanied by a simple explanation of what it is all about.

• Set up a Facebook page with suitable pictures and begin to tell your story.

• Do something, right or wrong. Mistakes are part of the learning process.

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