How To Make Candy at Home To Use In Fund Raising


To show you how easy it is to make candy and earn a second income to cover school fees, and bridge the gap between your wages and the rising cost of living here is a brief overview of a simple way to make candy at home. We want you to see how simple it is and encourage you to have a go, so here we explain how to make boiled candy and rock candy.

Once you see how easy it is you will want to have a go immediately.

Start Small

You can start by making a sweet treat for your children or other members of your family. Once you see how easy it is and have the bug you will soon be making candy to sell at local events, door-to-door in advance of Christmas, Easter or Halloween or online.

There really is no easier way to earn the extra cash your family needs to cope with rising fuel, rent and food bills. You only have to spend between fifteen and thirty minutes in the kitchen to make either of these recipes. The more often you make these candies the faster you will become.

Here are the recipes and details of the equipment you will need.

Equipment for Boiled Candy

A large saucepan

Sweet moulds – easy to find online, and not at all expensive

A wooden spoon

Measuring cups

A sugar thermometer – these are not expensive and are available in department stores and online

Equipment for Rock Candy

For rock candy as well as the above equipment, you will need:

A jar

Some string

A paperclip

A paper towel


For both candies, you need to make a simple sugar syrup. We suggest you start small, so the ingredient amounts listed below reflect this. Later, when you are more experienced, you can make bigger batches.

All of these ingredients are easily available, but can also be bought online.

1.5 cups of corn syrup

3.5 cups of sugar

1 cup of water

Colourings and flavourings

The methods

First boiled candy, then rock candy, which is much easier and more fun than you think to make.

Boiled Candy

Combine the corn syrup, water and sugar in a large saucepan. You need a pan that has enough space for the mix to boil up without spilling over the edges.

Heat the ingredients over a medium heat until the sugar has melted. Stir gently as the sugar melts. A wooden spoon is best for this.

Once the sugar has melted completely turn the heat up. Wait until the mixture comes to the boil. This will not take long. While this is happening, do not stir the mixture. It will delay the boiling and could spoil the sugar mix and stop it from setting properly.

However, at this point you do need to use the sugar or candy thermometer. You need to hold it in the mixture. Make sure the tip does not touch the pan. If it does touch the pan, the reading will be of the pan base rather than the temperature of the sugar mix.

Once the thermometer reaches 300F, the syrup is ready.

At this point, you need to remove the mix from the heat. You can now add the colouring and flavours. It is important to mix it in thoroughly and do this quickly before the liquid begins to set.

Which colourings and flavourings you use is entirely up to you. This is the great thing about sweets. You can be creative and uncover new combinations that offer consumers something different and create a potentially huge market for your products.

Now you can make your sweets. With this mix, you can make any shape you choose. Again, be creative and enjoy experimenting. Here are a few ideas:



Fruit drops

Round, oblong or any other shape you like

Use moulds to make mini teddies, animals and anything else


You just need to let the candy cool and remove it from its moulds if you have used it. If you are going to sell your candy, you can artfully wrap it in cellophane with a nice ribbon or put it in boxes, plastic bags, jars or tins. Which packaging you choose depends on the market you are trying to reach.

If you are just making it to give to family and friends or feed the kid’s sweet tooth simple airtight packaging is good. You can make some lovely low cost candy gifts to give at special occasions.

Rock Candy Method

Rock candy is something you don’t see much in the shops this is a shame because it is fantastic to look at and tastes great. If you have kids and want to make something with them, it is great fun.

You can use the same type of sugar syrup as you do for making boiled sweets. However, you are going to set it differently. Before you start to make the syrup, you need to set up a jar with a piece of string hanging straight down the centre.You can use the paperclip to make sure that the string hangs down straight, and that it the string hangs one inch above the bottom of the jar. When you are sure the string is the right length take the string out remove the paperclip. Dampen the string, roll it in some granulated sugar, and re-hang the string and let it dry.

Now you can make the sugar syrup. When it is ready pour it into the jar, remove the string while you do this. Once the syrup is in the jar pop the string back in and cover the top of the jar with the paper towel. In a few hours, sugar crystals will begin to form in the jar.

That’s it. As you can see, making candy is not difficult and there is such strong demand for sweet treats that you can easily make money from this enjoyable home craft.

You really can earn a 2nd income and stop worrying about how to make ends meet. In the UK, and the US there are many famous examples of people who have taken their home candy business to the next level and make thousands a month from it.



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