Earn Money as a Life Planner

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As you go through life without really realising it, you pick up a huge skill set. Big events come along. They require a lot of planning, attention to detail and changes to your lifestyle to cope with.

Take for example having children. Your first baby represented a huge change in your life.

You had to change the way you lived to ensure that the pregnancy went well, set up a room for your baby, buy new things like prams and baby seats and learn how to use them. It still makes me shiver remembering the happy hour my partner and I spent trying to fit that car seat. Once we knew the knack it was easy, which brings me to the point of this article.

You can use a lot of the knowledge you have accrued by simply living your life to teach others and prepare them for the big changes in their lives. In addition, if you are organised, or can learn to be organised, you can help people to pull off big events like wedding and family parties.

Earning money from your life experience

Here are just a few of the ways you can use your life experience to earn money:

Become a Baby Planner

We already mentioned how daunting having your first child is or for that matter having your second, third or fourth can be. There is a lot to think of and sort out. You need to learn new skills and get everything organised while holding down jobs, staying fit and maybe running a business on the side.

Unsurprisingly many parents now turn to a baby planner to help them. They use someone who knows what needs to be done, and lists it all out and makes sure it is all done properly and on time.

Some planners just sort out the practical things like preparing the baby’s room, buying all of the equipment and teaching the parents how to use it. They will usually also make recommendations about how to baby and toddler proof the home.

Other planners do more than that. They advice on birth preparation and may even be present at the birth to support both parents. Some will advice about health and well-being too. Perhaps giving advice about nutrition and things like hiring a nanny and dealing with sleep deprivation.

It is a service that is being more and more widely used in North America, so in a few years demand is likely to be strong here, in Australia, too. In larger cities, there is already demand.

Event and Party Planning

If you do not feel advising on life changing events is for you event or party planning could be the way to go. For many people organising a birthday party or a family event is daunting.

They may be short on time or just feel overwhelmed by the long list of things they need to do. Whatever the reason, thousands of people hire someone to organise or oversee them organising a part or event.

The best money is in organising big family celebrations especially weddings. You need to be uber organised, have good people skills and to be able to think on your feet to be a wedding planner. However, if you have those skills you can definitely do it.

Many firms also need event planners. In the past, they employed firms to do this for them or used an in house team. However, a lot of companies will now use a freelance event planner for this kind of work.

Support Worker

An awful lot of people need other forms of support. In today’s increasingly busy world people easily become distant from their family and friends. This can be because of physical distance or because they simply drift apart.

For the most part people cope OK and can keep their lives on track. However, at times people struggle to do so. Some are, for want of a better phrase, losing their way, and just need some support to get back on track. Some have accidents or fall ill and begin to struggle to keep everything in their life in order.

When this happens, they cannot always turn to family or friends for guidance or support. Increasingly they are asking support workers, counsellors and advisors to help them.

They often need moral support. Sometimes it is just someone to talk to and get guidance and reassurance from. Other times they need practical support as well for example transport to the doctor, shopping and things like that.

Most people with a caring nature and a practical bent can easily fill this role. Again, there is an increasing need for this kind of work.

Life Coach

Life coaches help people to achieve their goals. If you have experience of working in a specific industry, you can share your expertise with someone who wants to enter that sector. You could help someone to set up a business.

However, being a life coach is not necessarily all about helping people with their career. You could work with someone to help them to achieve other life goals for example to lose weight, give up smoking or overcome shyness.

More ideas

This is just the tip of the iceberg there are many, many opportunities in this sector. New opportunities to act as an advisor or consultant for private individuals are coming along all the time as the demands of modern life changes the way people live.

People who are self-employed normally provide all of these services. They choose when they work and how many clients they take on, so it is a good sector to work in.



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